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In electric power systems, computer-based protective devices and controllers are replacing older electromechanical technology, enabling more sophisticated utility automation.  The downside to this advance is the risk of malicious cyberattack.  

New and emerging international (IEC) monitoring and control (SCADA) standards and related technology offer significant cost, operational, and security improvements.  IEC-61850, the core standard for substations, is becoming the focus for all advanced utility automation.  IEC-61850 is being extended for monitoring and control of alternative energy systems, such as wind power (IEC-61400-25).

Cybersecurity in electric power systems has received focus from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and others.  Security requirements are being made enforceable through standards mandated under the 2005 Energy Policy Act.


OSECS 61850 Secure SCADA (OS3) Toolkit provides core components to build IEC-61850 products and customized solutions, enabling utilities to achieve major cost, operational, and security benefits, and comply with emerging standards and mandates.  

The Toolkit introduces a pioneering implementation of 61850 using broadly-based Web Services protocols, and provides conversion to the older industrial automation protocol (MMS) currently used by 61850 for device communications.  Wind power will use 61850 Web Services as an alternative protocol, and the European Commission has been sponsoring research to advance Web Services for SCADA applications in a variety of industries.

The Toolkit supports defense-in-depth through encryption, firewalls, role-based-access-control, one-way corporate data "push," non-disruptive shift-change GUI, intrusion detection, correlation of cybersecurity logs with power system multi-contingency attack vulnerabilities, and change-control/surveillance of substation device configuration settings, among other measures.  Leading edge open-source software technology is leveraged in the design.  Toolkit modules integrate with numerous open source tools for enhanced functionality.  Modules are available under either open source or commercial license.


Toolkit components include:


Example products and solutions that can be constructed around the OS3 Toolkit include:


A crucial Toolkit capability is SCL management featuring:


Benefits of these solutions include:  


Toolkit support, including installation, training, consulting, development, customization, and documentation, is available from OSECS. For further information you can call us at 301-565-4025 or email us at .

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Development of the initial prototype Toolkit was supported by the United States Department of Homeland Security.
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